If you’ve had the opportunity to experience Milford, CT for any length of time, you know what a great place it is.  Located within easy driving distance of Boston and New York, and close to Stamford and New Haven, Milford boasts a healthy and vibrant business community.  With heavy hitters such as Bic, Schick, & Total Mortgage along with big manufacturers like Alinabal, Inc and Northeast Electronics, Milford presents a unique and robust opportunity for businesses to flourish.

But what really sets Milford apart are the unique and interesting small businesses that add a flavor to the amazing New England harbortown feel.  Some might say its the 17 miles of continuous shoreline, state parks, and historic properties and structures.  Some might say it is the people and their almost fanatical devotion the “The small city with a big heart.”  But whatever your opinion is, Milford is a great place for small businesses to grow and thrive!

Milford Alive is an organization started to celebrate, educate and support local businesses in the greater Milford area.

We believe that it’s the local businesses that give a town its unique charm and feel; sure, national chains are great — but going into a local McDonald’s or a Starbucks is not much different than visiting one in Texas, Illinois or California. Visiting your local coffee shop with in-house, fresh-roasted coffee or purchasing from one of the amazing boutique shops supports the residents, provides jobs for locals and contributes to the community’s identity.

One of the biggest advantages of small local businesses is that they employ local residents, creating a domino effect that helps the community as a whole. There are many other benefits of embracing small, locally owned businesses:

  • They support and sponsor multiple community activities
  • It keeps money circulating in the community, instead of to a large multinational corporation
  • Contribute significantly to the local tax base
  • Encourages entrepreneurship, and creating local jobs for residents
  • Supporting the local community by using local banks, attorneys, CPAs, suppliers and other businesses
  • Product and service offerings are based on needs of the local economy, rather than a generic national sales plan
  • Lower environmental impact—smaller businesses need less infrastructure, and use it more efficiently than big-box companies
  • Sustainability—local stores and businesses contribute to walk-able town centers, reducing the urban sprawl, habitat loss, need for driving, as well as water and air pollution.

Milford Alive celebrates businesses in the community, with a focus on businesses that support local activities and organizations in the community. We’re always looking for more opportunities to celebrate local businesses.


On tap, lunches and other activities that recognize local, small businesses. We encourage them to share how they built their business, and lessons learned with others who are interested in doing the same thing. We have found that one of the best ways to learn is through experience — but you can also benefit from the experience of others who have been down that same path already. Outside experts will be brought in to discuss important aspects of business, such as operations, hiring, marketing, etc and their experiences in creating successful ventures.

Mastermind groups are also being planned, to support local businesses in various stages of their growth. From startups and micro-businesses with less than 10 employees to second-stage businesses, with between 11 and 200 employees, Milford Alive wants to make sure that local businesses are supported and celebrated, and they will not have to go it alone.

Milford Alive!
Milford Alive!
Celebrate. Educate. Support.